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Understanding What Goes On During The Frenectomy Surgery

There are different types of dentists that exist and one of them is a pediatric dentist who deals with dental issues affecting children. There are certain conditions that children usually develop in their mouths and some of these conditions are lip tie or tongue tie. When we talk about lip tie it is a situation where the upper lip is joint to the upper gum in the mouth of a child. As for the tongue tie, it’s a condition where the tongue is joined to the base of the mouth which limits the mobility and flexibility of the town. If a child is found to have the two conditions that we have mentioned it is usually advised for the child to undergo operation so that the tongue and the lip are separated from the places that they have been joined to. The process of separating the lip tie and the tongue tie is referred to us as frenectomy surgery.

The methods that and be used to do the frenectomy surgery are different. One process that has been conducted for very many years is the use of a scalpel to do away with the frenum that holds the tongue to the base of the mouth or the upper lip to the upper gum Orb on in the mouth. With this kind of method the patient that undergoes the frenectomy surgery using the conventional method they undergo too much bleeding and take a lot of time before they are totally healed. In this method stitches are also used to keep the patient knitted in the areas the procedure has been done to help in faster healing.

As technology kept on advancing doctors have discovered new ways of handling frenectomy surgery and thus the conventional way of using a scalpel has been slowly fading away. Frenectomy surgery nowadays is done with the use of laser Aided equipment. With the use of laser comes a lot of risk and therefore dentists who perform this procedure are usually very careful to not mess up during this process. Despite the risks involved the advantages of using laser equipment in performing frenectomy surgery supersedes the disadvantages. Using laser procedures over the conventional ways of the scalp and is that there is no risk of infection to the patient. One other benefit that comes with using lasers to undertake the frenectomy surgery is that the healing period is way faster than when an individual uses the Old conventional way use of the scalpel.

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